I’m Going to School on an Island

For the past 11 years I’ve lived in a ridiculously small village in the quiet and beautiful Black Forest in Germany. Surrounded by old vineyards and even older cows, this little part of the world boasts breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, wonderful forest hiking trails, elegant creeks, ancient castle ruins, and like two supermarkets.

So I thought, I want to live somewhere where there are more supermarkets.

Well, what better place to move to other than London, UK, amirite?

Jan, why would you do that? Isn’t London always wet, cold, expensive, and wet?

Yes, so let me explain.

I’ve been playing drums since I can remember. My parents were extremely tolerant of the noise I made in their basement for years. Decades, actually. In November 2015 I was playing a show in Nottingham, UK. It was an improvised set, so we just played whatever. After the show a few people approached me and asked me, “Where did you study music?”

I never said that I studied music.

So I thought to myself, “Well, what if I studied music? And where would I do that?”

I’ve always been fond of London Town. I lived close by when I was an extremely small person; that’s also where I learned how to speak English. In addition to my childlike admiration of London as a city, artists and bands such as Amy Winehouse, Queen, The Who, and even Spice Girls are from there!

I mean, come on.

Spice Girls.

It’s only a logical conclusion at this point.

After a few minutes on google I found a music school called BIMM London. I applied in late December, got a few days off work for the audition in early January, flew over and did that, and promptly got accepted into the school.

So that’s that. For the next three years, starting in September, I’ll be living there to hone my skills as a musician, connect with other artists, and make cool things for you guys.

Also, depending on how much time I’ll have to spare whilst juggling education, work, sleep, and an unlikely social life, I’ll try to keep this blog updated by posting something every once in a while. It’s therapeutic for me and hopefully not too boring for you.

I’ll have one full month to get settled in, so please let me know what I should do as a rookie in London.

Let’s keep in touch!

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