The Coronavirus Pandemic really screwed it up for everyone, especially musicians, artists, dancers, and other creative professionals. Jan played drums professionally and recorded at Abbey Road Studios for all kinds of ridiculous people and had a hell of a time, but ever since he was told by the government to “retrain” and “find a job in a different industry,” Jan has decided to ditch the creative industry and instead turn to comedy. His new show “Who Gives a Sh*t” can be viewed on all his social media platforms with new episodes coming out every Monday.

He also runs a company called TSP. They used to do this thing where TSP would invite musicians over to play really cool acoustic shows, and the whole event was live broadcasted with actual interviews and fun games and all kinds of stuff. Every week there seems to be a new update on what creative companies can and can’t do, so they’re just figuring it all out as they go along.