Goodbye Childhood

So, I turned 20 today. No more teenaging for me anymore. I’ll be tweenaging from now on. It’s kind of a weird feeling, being this old. I’m still not used to saying that I’m 20 years old. I still feel like 19. Oh well, I’ll get used to it eventually, in a month or six. So, two decades of life have passed. Cheers to the next two decades. They’ll shape me as a man and define who I am. But for right now, I’ll go drink a beer with my dad and talk about the craziest things we did in our youth. Alzheimer’s hasn’t set in yet, so I’m good for the time being. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in your childhood years? 

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Childhood

  1. The craziest? I believe I’m still in childhood for the time being lol! It’s just… the moments I spend with my friends… and together we are as crazy as ever although we’re nearly adults!
    Happy belated birthday! (aw why can’t I just read my mail on time??)

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