Marvels of Your Body: Some Cool Facts

Here are some facts about the human body, written by Dr. Mike Hills:

You have about 5 million hairs on your body.

Red blood corpuscles are created by bone marrow at the rate about 1.2 million per seccond.

The average brain contains about 10,000 million neurons.

Your brain triggers hundreds of millions of impulses, more connections than all the world’s telephone systems put together.

Your body contains 13,000 million nerve cells.

During your life span your lungs will open and close an estimate of 70 million times.

Your heart beats more than 2,000 million times during your life span and would pump 500 million liters of blood. In every day terms, this means that your heart pumps enough blood to fill an average car’s petrol tank every 7 minutes which is 205 cars per day… stunning!

Your lungs contain a total of 300 million capillaries – these are tiny blood vessels that would stretch 2,400 km if it is laid end to end.

When you sneeze, the compressed air in your lungs blows out mucus and particles at a speed of 160 km/h.

One of your kidneys contains one million individual filters.

The focusing muscle of your eye moves about 100,000 times a day.

You have 650 muscles.

Human bone is 4 times stronger than concrete, and human bone, the size of a match box, can support 9 tones.

Because your skin is constantly flaking away, it is completely replaced by new tissue every 50 days.

You eat 50 tons of food and drink 50,000 liters of fluid during your life.

What an awesome masterpiece, thanks to the Big Bang and evolution. Or God’s genius. Choose.

8 thoughts on “Marvels of Your Body: Some Cool Facts

  1. That is amazing!! I knew that our bodies were really cool and everything, but I didn’t realize it went through that much abuse. Makes me want to take care of myself.

    And I say both did it! ;P I don’t have a problem with the theories of the Big Bang or Evolution, but I do when they try to leave God out of it. How about God started the big bang and then developed humans through evolution? Wouldn’t that be interesting!

    • That’s interesting. I had a teacher once who believed that, too. He explained to me why he thought that was the case. But I’m not sure. If the Bible is telling the truth, then God created the world and everything (in its mature stage) in six days. I wasn’t there when it happened, but I’m pretty sure Adam and Eve were humans, and not primates. I mean, they had to name shit all day long. “Dis is tree. Dis is grass. Dis is fishy.” But yeah. I think both theories are interesting, because one theory builds on faith, and the other builds on scientific reasoning. The combination of both is, well, interesting.

      • Another thing to consider is that not everything in the Bible should be taken literally. The Bible is a collection of books, and while some are historical, others are not. It’s easy to clump them all into the same genre because they are in the same binding, but realize, it’s 73 different books and they come from different genres. Much of the old testiment is very metaphorical, while the new testiment is very much historical. Of course there is a combination in both, so, while Genesis says that God created the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh, it may have really been a lot longer.

        Here is a video from a Priest named Father Barron about reading the Bible. I know I’m bombarding you, but you kinda fell into what he is talking about in this video. (In terms of what the Bible says).

        At the very least, you should find it interesting. :) Cheers!

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