Schnitzel, Zombies, and Writing Books

I’m supposed to be in Zimbabwe right now, but for certain reasons that will remain undisclosed, I am still in the land of Schnitzel. I mean, I like Schnitzel and all, but I also want to finish this education experiment that I’ve been doing for the past (almost) year. Hm… I just ate a Schnitzel yesterday for dinner. But do you care? No. No, you do not. So let’s get on with this post.

I Am Legend (film)

I watched the movie “I Am Legend” with Will Smith yesterday. It’s basically about a guy who fights zombies because they’re all infected due to a virus that previously cured cancer. Yeah, it just happened to have some severe side-effects, and it turned humans into biting, clawing scariness. Dr. Robert Neville, Will’s character, is immune to the virus, and thus, he can roam around the empty streets of New York City in a red Ford Mustang and hunt deers, although they usually get eaten by the lions that broke out of the zoo. So he has this lab in his house, and he captures infected rats and even humans and does tests on them, trying to cure them of the “cure,” basically. If you want to know the ending, look it up on wikipedia and spoil it for yourself, or go and watch the movie. I really don’t know why I told you half the plot… I could’ve just said that I watched the movie, period. Sorry for wasting your time.

The first time I watched that movie, it inspired me to write a novel. I started writing a novel about three years ago, but I never really had the time to sit down and think about it or anything. I’ve been thinking more and more now about possible novel-scenarios, plots, and story lines and stuff, but I still don’t have enough stuff to make a novel. I plan on writing at least two in my life. I mean, unless someone comes along tomorrow and stabs me in the face. Then, I guess, I’ll only write zero novels.

I’d also like to write a book about something that doesn’t have as much to do with fiction, and maybe a bit more about education. Or economics. Or family structures according to Biblical principles, but in today’s world. Those are kind of my passions. Education is definitely my main passion. That stuff just intrigues me. I mean, if I sat myself down for two weeks or so, I could probably create an outline for a book about education, or family stuff. Yeah, I’m really smart! Just kidding. I’m horribly stupid.

So tell me, fellow human, have you written any books? What’s your “passion?” If you took two weeks off just to create an outline for a book, what would it be about? Cheers.

4 thoughts on “Schnitzel, Zombies, and Writing Books

    • Yeah, I joined NaNoWriMo as well, but I was traveling too much, so I didn’t have time to write 50,000 words. Oh well. I’ll participate this year and see where it goes. Cheers.

  1. My dream is to write complete novels too, and I prefer to write fiction, especially involving mythical things and creatures… Everything out of the ordinary.
    I’m sure you’ll realise your dream – if ignoring the stabbing thing lol – since you already have a very constructive and wonderful blog!

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