They Say They Want Change, But Really…

My brother is a really bright guy. He’s in 8th grade right now, and his teachers don’t like him. Why? Because he asks intelligent questions that require the teachers’ thoughts and reflections. Instead of giving him a straight answer, however, his teachers just ask the class, “What do you think?” After a while, it annoys my brother, because he doesn’t want to hear what his fellow 8th graders have to say, because he had already thought of all those possible answers beforehand – he wants to know what the teachers think. But they seem to avoid that “spotlight” position.

The Simson kids grew up (are growing up) in a family that promotes questioning, doubting, and seeking truth, because we’re always hunting for lies, and we try to substitute them with truths. It’s not only necessary – it’s also really fun.

The thing about my brother’s teachers, though, is that they have this “Who are you to question me” mentality. When he asks a question, they either give him a very vague answer, or they assume that he’s toying with the attempt of disrupting class-discussion time, whereas he’s actually trying to fuel that, since it is almost entirely absent in today’s middle-school (and even high school) education.

He’s a very smart kid, and he’s years ahead of his classmates, and in some cases, even his teachers. His teachers are just that, teachers. They don’t expect a 14-year-old to know more about the kingdom of God than they do, and therefore, when he speaks the truth about the kingdom, they discard it as another “opinion” of a child seeking the truth, instead of taking what my brother says to heart and figuring out the implications it has on their lives.

This school preaches about “changing lives” day and night. My brother has the power to change the entire school’s dogmas and paradigms. But I guess, in the end, they are not interested in life-changing at all, because my brother is just another kid with another opinion who doesn’t fit inside the “box” that they created.

Their mission statement goes like this: “[This school]┬áprovides a quality, international Christian education that equips its students to influence their world through biblical thought, character, and action.”

I’m still in contact with some of the students that graduated from this school, and are now roaming around in the world. In some cases, biblical thought, character, and action is completely absent. And in most cases, it just does not suffice to influence their world. Also, the quality of education really isn’t that great. I mean, it’s good, but for example, my Bible teacher gave me some kind of a coloring book in the second semester of my senior year in high school. I was nineteen years old, and I had to fill out a damn coloring book. It made me feel like a real man, you guys. I was in a constant testosterone-high in that class.

In conclusion to all of this blabbering, my brother is awesome, and you should add him on Facebook. Just kidding. If you do, he’ll find you, and watch you while you sleep.

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