The Fish Sticker is the Difference

Christianity fascinates me. Seriously. I was at a little conference thing the other day, where a guy talked about apostolic and prophetic teamwork. Whatever that means. Anyway, one thing that’s really interesting is that many Christians try to be better people in this world. They want to share their testimonies and live better lives than the rest of the world. They try really hard, too. It’s quite impressive. But there’s also a lot of suffering and rejection for these Christians. People say stuff like, “Dude, why don’t you just chill out and enjoy life?” and the Christian would answer, “Because I want to show people the love of God.”

That’s all nice and good, you know, trying to live life in the realms of the world. But when I look at what Jesus did, he didn’t succumb to the standards of the world. He looked at the world and said, “People say certain things are impossible. I’ll prove them wrong,” and BOOM, water turned into wine, the sick were healed, demons were driven out, prophecies were given, and the dead were raised. He set an entirely new standard, 100 times better than the rest of the world. That’s what got him killed, too. And that is awesome. The world couldn’t handle him.

Many Christians do things just like the world does it, the only difference between them and the world is the little fish sticker on the back. But in the main areas of life – money, sex, and power – many, if not most Christians, are not much different than the non-believers. Jesus never said, “Conform to the ways of the world.” He actually said the opposite. But, I guess, it’s easier to just go with the flow, right?

Here’s the thing, dear Christians: I like you. You try to make this world a better place. But anyone can go to Africa and buy fresh water supplies for an impoverished village. In fact, I could do that right now if I wanted to, and call myself a missionary. Unfortunately, the things that happen in Christianity are kinda boring. Everybody has seen it all before, and there’s nothing really new. People don’t want to ask questions anymore, because they get the same lame answers over and over again. “Because the Bible says so.”

Jesus completely changed the world over 2,000 years ago. Just one guy. Now Christians have millions of denominational, religious churches all over the world, and nothing is changing at all. Christianity has become pretty stagnant. Making disciples of all nations doesn’t seem very realistic anymore, does it? Yet, that’s the only mission Jesus gave them before he left. Atheists and agnostics are usually not very excited when you tell them the “Good News.” They’d say that “It’s just another unrealistic story.”

But what if Christians did things that other people deemed impossible? Creating a new economic system that is 100 times better than the current one. Inventing insane, unprecedented technology. Creating a new standard of schooling and education. Or even curing all kinds of “incurable” diseases. What if that was the case? What if God’s people created and set a new standard, just like Jesus did two millennia ago? That would make things… interesting.

“The truth shall set you free.” But it looks like nobody is really searching for the real truth – just going with the flow, while putting fish stickers on things.

6 thoughts on “The Fish Sticker is the Difference

  1. It is what us Catholics call, Original Sin. The human tendency to fall into the ways of the world. It’s kind of sad that there are so many Christians that go to church, but never really do anything. I really hope that you look into us because it isn’t the Church that is at fault, just the people within it. Christian teaching is counter-cultural.

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  3. “But what if Christians did things that other people deemed impossible?”

    This is a powerful and thought-provoking question that will truly cause many to think deeply. Thank you :)

  4. It is really hard to sell people on “God loves you” when they then hand you a book in which God kills or orders killed over three million people (yes, someone actually counted them) … not counting the time he killed all humans on the planet (save eight) and 99.99% of all animals in the process.

    I’d rather have the fish sticker Christians than the real ones.

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