X Marks the Spot

This is what we generally want in the business world: To tap into large amounts of money so that we can finance our projects and then hire the right people to execute our plans. Woah, Halt! Stop! Don’t move! That’s the wrong approach! Let me tell you why.

See, money brings its own agenda with it. Once you have money, suddenly you have amazing epiphanies what to do with it, and great opportunities materialize out of thin air. “Now I can buy Apple!”, or “I could start a school for young entrepreneurs!”, or “I can buy all the cereal in the world!” Things that you haven’t thought of while you had no money at all now suddenly decide where your life is heading towards. If you get money, you become capriciously fickle. Truth be told, my friends, truth be told.

Your project isn’t the most important thing. People. That should be your main concern. “Do I have the right people?” If you don’t have the right people, it doesn’t matter how good your project is, because all of mankind is corrupt and greedy, so your project will, in fact, go down the drain.

The biggest bank in the world, the Bank for International Settlements, based in Basel, Switzerland, has pretty much all of the money in the world. However, they don’t really know what to do with the money, nor do they have the right people to invest that money into projects that would literally change the world. They have all the freaking money in the world and they don’t know how to change the world! Seriously, BIS? Seriously? They have a bunch of lame projects, but they don’t have the creative out-of-the-box minds that it takes to create projects that will flip this world upside down.

When I think of money, I think of water. Money is a lot like water in the sense that it has a source, it needs a mode of transportation to get from A to B, and it needs an outlet, just like a plumbing system.

Here’s what you need to do: Create the outline of your project, and add all the details until it is completely finished BEFORE, I repeat, BEFORE¬†you receive the necessary funds to get it started. That’s very important, people. If you don’t do that, you’ll start spending money on things that are irrelevant, things that won’t help your project, whatever your project may be.

Then, you need a mode of transportation for the funds. Who will bring your money from A to B? Who’s your “treasury?” Who builds the pipeline from the source of money to the proverbial X that marks the spot?

And finally, you need the outlet. Build the faucet on the X, the place where money flows out strategically and is distributed to all the other pools that require funding.

Many companies channel the money into their house, but their plumbing is¬†nonexistent. It’s like they build the pipeline from the source to their house, but they pour the water through the chimney and flood the entire house. That creates a huge mess. So it is imperative that you mark the spot with a big red X, and build the faucet right there, and nowhere else. That’s strategic plumbing in the financial world, something that only a few companies have actually figured out.

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