The Media – Institutionalized Lies

You know, there are a lot of lies in this world. I mean, just turn on the television, right? You’ll be confronted with all kinds of lies in less than sixty seconds. The best part about it, though, is that almost everybody believes the lies the media tells them. You know why? Because when two or more people believe a lie, it slowly starts to become a truth, and eventually it becomes institutionalized and sets the standard for life. There, some wisdom from some random 19-year-old German dude.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to have a television in my apartment. Sometimes I watch TV just for the hell of it, and the only thing I see is bullshit. It’s literally dumb TV. I feel stupid when I watch it. It’s the least productive thing anybody could do. You’re just sitting there in front of a screen, listening to someone tell you that their cat went to the litter box four times in one day. Seriously? I mean, if it was a dog, it’d be more interesting, but…

As teenagers, or even kids, we watched a lot of TV. Some adults still do that, because they have nothing better to do, or they’re bored, or they’re too tired to do anything productive. The media has a lot of influence on this current generation. They tell you to party, to have fun, enjoy life, buy now, pay later, and not worry about the consequences until they start flooding in. They preach individualism. “It’s all about you!” It really is. The phrase “Sharing is caring” has lost its meaning. “What? Shar-huh? What’s that?” Now it’s just all about, “Hog as much as you can for yourself! It’s the survival of the fittest! THIS IS SPARTA!”

We’re all in this box called “world.” Not physically, but mentally, and spiritually for sure. The media really tells us how to live our life, and in doing so, they crush our lives. For example, a family is the strongest, most secure establishment of love that exists in the world. But the media preaches divorce, re-marriage, and fornication. Basically, that’s the most selfish thing anybody could do. Just imagine. You marry this fantastic woman, you have kids… no wait, I got it all wrong. First you find this fantastic woman, then you have kids, then you marry her, and when your kids are a little bit older, you find out that the “fantastic” woman isn’t so fantastic anymore. But instead of holding up your promise of “Till death do us apart,” you dump her, along with your kids, and find a new “fantastic” woman.

In my mind, there’s nothing more selfish than that. But it’s considered normal in today’s society. I was watching the series Prison Break the other day, and there’s one line where Lincoln’s son asks him, “Why is mommy not around anymore?”, and Lincoln answers with, “Well, sometimes that happens to adults. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, so you have to move on in life.” And that right there sends a very wrong message to the youth as well as young adults. Or even older adults. Guys, if you marry a woman, stick with her! Jeez!

And because of stuff like that, I don’t watch TV. I don’t want to be part of a society that promotes individualism and selfishness. I care a lot about other people, and I set their priorities before mine. In fact, their priorities are my priorities. But that’s just such a foreign concept to many people, mainly because the media doesn’t talk about stuff like that. “It’s all about you.” But when I die, I don’t want to be remembered as the me-monster. “Oh yeah, Jan, he didn’t care about anyone except for himself. What a douchebag.”


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