Dear awesome people,

I have an announcement to make: Inspiration Avenue has now reached 10,000 views! Can you believe it? Maybe you can. I can’t.

10,000 views… in zoology, there are approximately 10,000 species of birds. A myriagon is a polygon with 10,000 sides. Also, 10,000 B.C. is a movie that I don’t like.

I started this blog mid-August, 2011, with an average view count of one view per day for the first few weeks. Well, things started to build momentum, I started a Facebook┬ápage for my blog as well as a Twitter page for myself, and now I’m sitting here, feeling like a stud because I just passed the 10,000 views mark.

Thank you all so much for your support! I hope this crazy blog continues to inspire you. I’m gonna keep this post short, because I need to grab a beer and celebrate this great moment.

Anyway, thank you so much once again, dear subscribers, readers, followers, and those who accidentally click the link to my blog! You guys rock!

Cheers, blessings, and peace

Jan Simson