Will SOPA and PIPA Turn Us Into Robots?

We like to consume, don’t we? We like to go to town and buy stuff. It pleases us somehow. I like to buy stuff, too. Right now I can’t really do it, because I don’t exactly have money, but I have enough to buy myself a pencil or something, so…

But we don’t just like to buy stuff. We’re not completely overtaken by consumerism. We also like to share and give, don’t we? That’s why we do things like filesharing on the internet, or copying songs on CDs and giving them to friends so that they can have the same awesome songs on their iTunes library as well. And that’s exactly what freaks SOPA and PIPA out. They hate that.

Prepare for the rant rant: SOPA and PIPA want us to be more consumeristic, and stop sharing and giving away free stuff. Why? Well, simple: Because if we buy stuff, the media industry will profit. (That’s usually how it works, Jan…) But since sharing and giving has some weird connection to what makes us humans, SOPA is basically going against human principles here. They’re taking away our ability to share and give freely and anonymously via the largest platform for generosity (as well as greed): the internet. And, SOPA, that’s kinda impolite.

So right now, we’re trying our best to stop SOPA. But I believe that even if that law passes, thousands of talented hackers will find new ways to create internet 2.0. You can’t just let one group of people control the internet – it’s too large. And too many hackers and internet gurus know how to circumvent the system anyway. But still. The fact that they’re taking away our ability to share annoys me. Who came up with that idea in the first place? Some guy who was like, “Hey I have an idea. How about we take the whole internet and turn its users into consumeristic robots?” Yeah, no. It’s sad, people. Freedom of speech, shmeedom shmof shmeech.