What’s Up With SOPA?

You’ve most probably heard of SOPA before. And if you haven’t, well, you have now. What is it, you may ask? It’s an acronym for the Stop Online Piracy Act. It’s basically a “proposed bill that aims to crack down on copyright infringement by restricting access to sites that host or facilitate the trading of pirated content,” according to an article on CNN Money.

So what does this mean for the internet? Gizmodo says, “SOPA is an anti-piracy bill working its way through Congress that would grant content creators extraordinary power over the internet, which would go almost comedically unchecked to the point of potentially creating an “Internet Blacklist,” while exacting huge costs from nearly every site you use daily, and potentially disappearing your entire digital life, while still managing to be both unnecessary and ineffective, but stands a shockingly good chance of passing, unless we do something about it.”

Now, some people want that bill to pass, while others are creating the largest online protest movement in the history of the USA. One of my favorite bloggers, Siobhan Curious, blacked out her blog in protest against SOPA. So this has to be pretty serious stuff, guys. But yeah, people are saying stuff like, “I want this to pass because sometimes we just need to establish horrible rules in order for us to see how bad they are.” Others are saying stuff like, “This would pretty much force programmers and hackers to join up and release new protocols and standards as soon as possible, effectively creating “Internet 2.” And even others are saying, “The passing of this law could work as a warning for future generations, just to tell them ‘Hey, don’t make this mistake.'” And people who could care less say stuff like, “I could care less.”

I already hate the idea of a copyright because that promotes individualistic capitalism, which I think is stupid. But I want to know what you guys think. Are you against SOPA, are you for it, or do you not give a shit? Comment below, let me know. Cheers!