We Should Be More Like Penguins

Yesterday I went to a presentation about an expedition to Antarctica. It’s kinda hard to explain what my friends did there, so I won’t go into that now. However, I do want to talk about penguins. Let’s do this!

These little guys are awesome. But they smell even worse than pigs who wear Axe body spray. Yeah, that bad. There’s one thing that really fascinates me about them: They don’t have predators on land. Their lives are only in jeopardy when they’re in the ice cold water, which by the way is -1.5 degrees Celcius (34 degrees Fahrenheit) because of the salt. Also, the ice bergs aren’t made of salt water. They’re made of the purest drinking water ever. 70% of the earth’s drinking water is frozen in Antarctica. Back to penguins. Because they don’t have predators on land, they are very curious animals. The guy who led the presentation yesterday said that the penguins would come as close as 30 cm away from him. “They came close enough for me to pat them on the head, but I wasn’t in the mood to wash my hands, and I also couldn’t bare the smell,” he said.

Penguins don’t have a concept of fear, at least not on land, because nothing harms them on land, probably because they stink so bad. If there’s a noise, they won’t run away. They’ll turn their heads and try to figure out what’s going on, and sometimes they even go and check out what’s happening. I thought that was really interesting. They’re one of the most curious (and worst-smelling) animals on the planet.

We’re not like penguins, because we’re driven by fear and they aren’t. Well, and also we take regular showers. We are always scared, aren’t we? That’s kind of why we put our money in private banks and off shore accounts, right? That’s also why we are afraid of the concept of marriage and a life-long dedication. That’s also why we want to control other humans and stuff as much as we can so that they can’t turn against us to harm us.

What if we weren’t fear-driven? What if, instead, we were driven by curiosity? What if we ask ourselves questions like, “What happens if I stop promoting my business and solely help other people?” instead of saying, “I want as much as I can get for me, myself, and I, because I am important!” We try to ameliorate things that seem to work but still have their problems instead of thinking of entirely new solutions. But we’re too afraid to do that because we risk everything we have worked for so far. That’s why investors only invest a little bit here and there. That’s why we don’t get married until we’re almost in our thirties. That’s why you won’t grow a pair and finally go skydiving!

… Damn penguins, you make me feel bad about myself with your inquisitive attitude.

But seriously, guys. Why are we so afraid? Why have we lost that sense of curiosity? People only keep telling us what not to do, but they never encourage us to do something that nobody has ever, ever done before. Let’s go ahead and do exactly that. Do something that nobody has ever, ever done before. Be curious.