Going Down the Scale: Pioneers to Laggards

So it’s a new year. 2012 brings a new start to many things. Some people are already used to it being 2012. They naturally write 2012 when they scribble down the date instead of writing 2011, whereas other people still write 2005. Laggards, eh. Speaking of laggards, let me write about that and categorize people while doing so, because, well, I’m German… OR AM I?!

So first, we have the Pioneers. Those are the people who find out about something in its inchoate stage. They’re usually the ones whom nobody believes when they say something crazy. The nonbelievers will say stuff like, “Yeah, whatever. You’re talking about sci-fi stuff, dude. We live in twenty-el–, I mean, twenty-twelve, so the cure for cancer hasn’t been found yet, man. Get with the times, live in the now.” If you have a group of 100 people, 2 of them are pioneers.

Next, we have the Early Adopters. Those are the people who get the information from the pioneers and then start to distribute it to others.  The pioneers just find the info or whatever it is that they found, and usually pass it on the the early adopters who quickly understand it and teach others about it. Out of 100 people, about 20 are early adopters.

The early adopters usually teach the Late Adopters. They’re the ones who only pick up on something after it has officially been declared a law or the social norm or whatever. It has to be official before late adopters adopt it at all. Out of 100 people, 60 are late adopters.

Finally, we have the Laggards. Now these guys don’t move with time at all. “iWhat? What’s that? You’re telling me to sell my cassette recorder and buy an i… iPod?” They usually reject the new stuff and simply stick with the conventions of their time. Out of 100 people, 18 are laggards.

So that’s that. I hope today has been a pretty good day for you. It’s always good to start off the new year with a good day, isn’t it. Mine was kind of boring, but it’s not like you’re dying to know more about it anyway, so I’ll just stop writing now.

6 thoughts on “Going Down the Scale: Pioneers to Laggards

  1. Very interesting. I think I’m a pioneer, since I hear that said too me kinda often. Then again I tend to say pretty weird things…rather not go in there. Anyways, great post! :)

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