Let Me Change Your Morals

I just watched a shocking, award-winning documentary called 180 Movie. (Please click on the link and sacrifice 33 minutes of your busy day in order to have your morals questioned.) The interviewer, Ray Comfort, asked random people some really interesting and thought-provoking questions. The first part of the movie is about the Holocaust and Hitler’s motives and morals. I was shocked when Ray asked people if they knew who Adolf Hitler was, and some of them had no idea. One of the most important pieces of history in the word is being forgotten, and that, my friends, is truly frightening. I also noticed that people today, who are supporters of Hitler, ignore the fact that the Holocaust existed. They basically say, “I don’t believe that Adolf Hitler ordered the killing of millions of Jews, non-whites, physically disabled people, and homosexuals.”

Why do they say that? If they are supporters of Hitler, they should take pride in the horrible fact that so many people died, right? But because they don’t like to acknowledge that fact, it means, in the end, we all have this thing called “conscience;” the knowledge of good and bad “that is written on our hearts,” (not only) according to Ray. Would you hold a gun up to a stranger’s face, look him dead in the eye, and pull the trigger? Would you feel good about it? Of course not. We perceive the act of murder to be naturally bad. But people who are supporters of dictators or abortion don’t use those terms. That’s why Pro-Choice supporters aren’t called “Pro-Death” supporters, because we all know that killing, murder, and death are bad things.

The argument that many Pro-Choice supporters make is, “every situation is a different situation, and it really depends on the situation.” Does it? Adolf Hitler himself said, “he alone who owns the youth gains the future.” That’s a true statement to make; the youth is our future. However, it depends on what we feed the youth, because that will, in deed, shape our future. Now, I believe that God has an awesome plan for absolutely every single person whose heart is beating right now. Why abort the execution of that plan? Why do people assume that they have the authority to make that choice? The situation doesn’t matter. “But if the child will have a hard life, why not end its suffering as soon as possible?” I’ve seen physically disabled people who have changed many people’s lives. At least they’re suffering for a good cause. Every life is important, including the life of Adolf Hitler. 

I personally think that Hitler was not a good man. He did order the construction of the Autobahn across the entire country, he was highly intelligent, and he was an amazing speaker. He convinced millions of people that what he was doing was the right thing to do. But was it? Absolutely not. His actions were morally, spiritually, and psychologically bad.

The 180 Movie documentary didn’t change my mind about Hitler’s morals, abortion, or salvation through Christ, but it definitely made me think about the value of life, and how we treat it, and what we have to do in order to come to the realisation that we are so screwed up, and we should all be going to hell, if it exists at all. The only one that can save us is Christ. It’s sad to see that so many people live such sinful lives and assume that they’re going to heaven anyway. “All Christians say that God is a loving God, right? Why would he send me to hell? Nobody is perfect anyway, so what’s the point? Just live your life and get the maximum amount of pleasure and fun out of it.”

The statement that you had just read, along with Hitler’s motives and Pro-Choice supporters’ morals, is selfishness at its utmost potential. Selfishness is also one of those naturally bad things, isn’t it.