Changing Media

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Wes over Skype. Usually, when Wes and I have a conversation, we always end up talking about “how to change the world.” This time, we talked about the concept of media and change, and what the combination of both would look like in this generation.

The biggest media monster is MTV. You can actually live off of the information that they provide for you. The only consequence is that you would have an absolutely disastrous life. My favourite example is Lady Gaga. I personally think her music isn’t the best in the world. In fact, if i can be honest here, I think it’s horrible (it’s alright, you can hate on me for a few seconds). However, I do think that she is one of the most talented people in the area of marketing. She is a sheer genius! She speaks into people’s lives, and she addresses issues that we all think about. One of the major issues she sings about is homo/ bisexuality. She’s good at making people believe in something that she believes in. And the people who already believed in what she believes in beforehand are now her loyal fans. Unfortunately, the things she believes in aren’t things that would change the world for the better. But she still has the ability to earn people’s trust and favour! She’s very good at doing that.

Another example I like to use is Apple. Steve Jobs was an absolutely creative and convincing marketeer. Whenever Apple developed a new product, for example, the iPad, they would convince you that this new revolutionary product is exactly what you need. So you went to the Apple Store and bought it before you even realised that you don’t really need it at all. Your iPod Touch did the job already.

This is what the media does. It influences our lives like crazy, and we don’t even know it, simply because many of us have this mentality of “this is just the way things are.” Yet we all want to see change. So, how do we change things? If we want to tell people, “hey, here’s a new way of doing life,” one of the things we would have to change is the media, right?

Now, many people who think they’re making a change are, in reality, only influencing a couple people’s lives (I’m using the word “couple” very freely, here). Christian TV stations, for example. When I’m as bored as a human can possibly be, then I watch TV. I usually watch the news, or a show, but one time, I came across a Christian TV channel. They were talking about “change,” so I stayed on the channel for a little while, and I realised that what they were talking about wouldn’t actually make a change at all. It would merely influence something. They wanted to “improve” Christianity, a religious system that already exists. That’s not change, that’s influence. If we want to make a change these days, we can’t just improve an existing system. That will just make things worse because of the tradition that the system has been built on. In order to make a change, we have to create an entirely new system that is better than what already exists.

There are millions of people who look at Christianity and say, “oh, it’s that thing with the Jesus guy. I like getting presents on Christmas, but other than that, it’s kinda boring and there are too many rules to follow. On top of all that, it’s just freaking complicated and confusing.” I’m thinking, If Jesus was so incredible, then why do people think that Christianity is boring, complicated, and confusing? The Christian media is a joke! I’d rather watch MTV than God TV. But why do I do that? I want to know more about God! But I’m not learning more about God from Christian TV channels. I learn more about their aid programs and the benefits you get if you join their church. I don’t want that. In addition, the quality of Christian TV is the worst. There are 240p YouTube videos that are of better quality. So I switch over to MTV, and when I watch MTV, they make fun of God. Why is God made fun of all the time? Do you see how messed up the media is?

I believe that God is the most powerful thing in the universe, but if everybody wants to see a change, then they look for things they can improve on systems that have been built by man. What about a system that has been built by God? That will change everything about life! There cure for cancer, for AIDS, for malaria, for any disease, all those things are out there already. God didn’t just invent plants and herbs for looks. But the media is forbidden to preach such things, because the world system that currently exists wouldn’t profit from, say, AIDS cures. The pharmaceutical industry wouldn’t make any money if people started getting cured. They need their patients to generate money. It’s horrible!

God isn’t just some impersonal entity somewhere out there, if at all He exists. Let me tell you, I know He exists. God is not someone we can only experience inside a church building. God is the creator, and a creator has a system, a plan for our lives and that system should be the best system ever, right? I have seen the most revolutionary technology you could only dream of, I’ve seen a new way of educating students, a new way of doing economics, and so much more. It all exists thanks to people who listen to God and do what he says. But nobody knows the truth about any of that. Why? The media suppresses it because the truth will actually set you free. And since the government wants to control everything, including what you watch on TV, they tell you lies and label it “truth.” I met a guy at a soccer game a few days ago, and he said, “in 2021, there will be cars that can run on pure water.” I said, “sir, that has been invented 20 years ago.” Now, I could write a whole book about this, but I’m digressing, so let me return to writing about media.

The media is just filled with junk and lies. It tells us about ways of living life and enjoying freedom. “More is always better.” It promotes a capricious lifestyle in which nothing matters except for your wellbeing. “Just do it.” Don’t worry about the consequences, “buy now, pay later.” We love that! This is what we want, right? Be individualistic and “have it your way.” This is how everybody lives their life anyway, so how can it possibly be a bad thing? I don’t want anything else because “I’m lovin’ it!” Lies!

Even as a 19-year-old, it’s sad to see that everything has turned so nihilistic in the past few decades. So why is there no change? Because we don’t really want it. We just want to update systems, because the government knows about everything we do. If it puts the government’s power in jeopardy, they’ll shut you down. They don’t want people who change the system. It had been that for thousands of years. Jesus changed the system and he got killed for it. There are very few people who actually want to change the system, and they also got killed for it, like Jan Hus. Either that, or they returned to the old system because of greed, like Martin Luther.

So, do you really want to make a change? Are you willing to give your life up for it? Are you that passionate? If not, then don’t even bother, because it won’t be worth it. Just keep improving and updating existing systems, because someone else will change the world for you. You just have to sit back, relax, and support them once in a while by encouraging their work. Yeah, it sucks if they die because usually their passion dies with them, and there’s nobody to pick it up and continue changing the system, but hey, that’s just the way things are. So keep watching MTV, and keep your thoughts inside the box. If you do that, you’ll be alright. But you won’t be happy.

And that’s what my friend Wes and I talked about yesterday. Thank you, Skype. As always, leave your thoughts, insights, and comments in the rectangle down there. Cheers.

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